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Are you facing charges for battery against a police officer?

Before ending up arrested by police, you likely already knew that getting into a physical altercation with another person could lead to trouble. Assault or battery charges could easily stem from such an event, and you may never have anticipated ending up in such a scenario yourself -- until now.

The options after receiving a traffic ticket

Many New York residents take a misdemeanor or felony criminal charge seriously. However, when it comes to getting a traffic ticket, most people shrug them off and pay them just to move on with their lives. The problem is that could end up being a mistake since receiving enough points on a driver's license within a certain amount of time could result in a suspension, which would definitely disrupt their lives.

Drunk driving charge brought against driver with child in car

Getting pulled over by a police officer can certainly cause anyone's heart to skip a beat. When the officer seems to suspect something illegal taking place other than a simple traffic violation, the traffic stop can easily become more nerve-wracking. In some cases, an officer may request for a driver to participate in field sobriety tests, and the results could lead to a drunk driving charge.

Whether your arrest was minor or life-changing, never forget that you have
options. Your rights are important. Take advantage of your rights now.

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