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Defending The Rights Of Western New Yorkers

If you have been arrested or received a traffic citation, you need to defend yourself. No interaction with law enforcement is too minor to take seriously. There are too many hidden pitfalls to pleading guilty without taking the time to learn more about your rights.

What might seem like only a slap on the wrist could add up to more severe consequences in the future: your outcome and your future matter. Do not move forward with your case without speaking to an attorney first.

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Protecting Your

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College Students

Your education could
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Helping Healthcare

Find resolution after an arrest
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Help Is Available Anytime

Help is available from a lawyer at Cimasi Law Office any time of the day or night. We accept phone calls 24/7 to ensure that you receive help as soon as you need it. You and your loved ones have a right to speak to an attorney from the moment of arrest.

Call now: 716-267-6430. Leave a voicemail if no answer, and we will return your call shortly.

Michael Charles Cimasi Attorney Photo
Michael Charles Cimasi Attorney Photo

Free Consultations Are Available Now

To ensure that you are fully informed of your rights, we offer free initial consultations to all who contact us. Call 716-267-6430 or send an email to get in touch. Appointments are available over the phone, in person at our Amherst office, or we can travel to you.

Do not hesitate to learn more about your rights.

Questions About Your Arrest?

Visit Our FAQ Page or Call Now: 716-267-6430
Leave a voicemail if no answer and we will return your call shortly.

Help With Mergers & Acquisitions

Cimasi Law Office represents healthcare practitioners with their business mergers and acquisitions.

Advice For Landlords

Asserting your property rights in eviction is not always as easy as it seems.

College Students Are At Risk

Law enforcement officers will report arrests to universities, which could result in your student’s expulsion from school. Do not put your investment in their future at risk.

Michael Charles Cimasi Attorney Photo

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